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Airplane Chronicles

A nice middle-aged guy sitting next to me tried to help me put my bag in the overhead compartment. After a short struggle, we soon realized that it wasn’t going to fit. What else is new. So I had to walk all the way back to where we started boarding and gate-check my bag. Returned back to my seat, scarfed down two packets of trail mix. Then I noticed it, constant throat clearing. The guy next to me sounded like a pickup truck stuck in a mudslide. He continues the throat clearing. Darn this allergy season. I wanted to offer him a nose spray and some of my Zyrtec. Sigh. Instead, I just keep my civilian hat on and relaxed to enjoy the short 1hr flight to Cleveland. THEN, random crumbs or something started falling from above my seat! I try to ignore it, but there it goes again! At this point, I’m looking up fully expecting the sealing to start crumbling. I see nothing. Again I try to ignore it. Again a “crumb” falls again. At this point, I’m too tired to care. THEN the guy next to me starts snoring while sleeping with his mouth wide open. It wasn’t a loud snore, but it was just enough for me to wonder if the truck is now going to start going up a hill. If you know what I mean. Sigh. So much for relaxing. This airline just won’t let me be great. Smh.

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